Flower Maintenance

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Wholesale Flowers and Supplies can help you keep your Floral Arrangements and Fresh Cut Flowers looking Vibrant and Beautiful for longer with our Floral Maintenance Supplies.  We carry HydraQuik®, a 2 second treatment that efficiently helps clear any blockage in stems allowing water and nutrients to travel up the stem to the flower, preventing bent heads. Aquaplus®, in both liquid and powder form, is a water clarifier and serves as a flower nutrient to keep foliage from yellowing and wilting. Aquafinish® flower & foliage finishing spray reduces moisture loss, extending floral design life;
preventing yellowing and wilting, keeping them looking fresh and lovely.   Oasis Floral Adhesive is waterproof, ultra-fast drying, No CFC's, Will Not Mark Petals, or Foliage. This liquid adhesive is formulated for use with fresh flowers. It bonds materials together quickly, safely and easily; provides a time-saving alternative to wiring and taping, especially when constructing bouquets, corsages and other composite flower presentations.  The special formulation will not brown fresh flower petals.

With wholesale, discount pricing, we can offer these Floral Maintenance Supplies at a considerable savings, lower than Florists or Garden Stores.  You can stock up on these products for all of your DIY Projects, Event Planning and other Special Occasions.

Products 1-6 of 6

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