Wholesale Flowers and Supplies carries a wide variety of Ceramic, Clay and Resin Vases, Urns, Bowls, Containers, Planters and Cubes in Contemporary Faceted, Etched, Hand Scored, Ridged, Gold/Silver or Jeweled Accent styles. We have a selection of Novelty Ceramics with Sports, Fun, Animal and Recreation Themes.  We sell Distressed Clay Urns, both painted and unpainted, Planter Containers and Candle Holders.  All of these items come in different colors and sizes.

Do you have a garden or a Solarium?  Do you love to putter with plants and/or Flowers? With our wholesale discounted pricing, you can get all your planters, ceramic, clay and resin containers for landscaping, home, office, garden or event planning.  Let us be your one stop shopping resource for these needs.