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Water Beads are a new water conserving product for plants and cut flowers. Water Beads change water to colorful shining beads, looking like crystal balls in a clear glass container. This amazing product combines environmental protection and beauty.

Water Beads come in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Black and Clear to match your event theme and design ideas.
For a great effect use with our light bases and floralytes.

Water Beads can be reused and washed and are non-toxic with no odor.

Sold in 10 gram packets.
One small packet of 10 grams will produce about 500 grams of beads.

Directions: Soak overnight to a ratio of one packet of beads to 2 quarts of water. You can add more water if the beads absorbed it all or drain off excess if they wont absorb any more water. Please make sure you leave around 2" inches of water in the bottom of the vase your live flowers will be in. This ensures the flowers can drink water, otherwise the flowers cannot absorb water from the water beads.

Please note that the vase used in the photos is a 6" x 4" cylinder vase. One packet of water beads will approximately fill up a vase of this size. 

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