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Clear Water to Cracked Ice is a new water conserving product for plants and cut flowers. It changes water to colorful shining cubes, looking like crystal in a clear glass container. Clear Water to Cracked Ice is an amazing product that combines environmental protection and beauty.

Water to Cracked Ice currently comes in Clear only.
**Food coloring can be added to change the color.

One small packet of 10 grams will produce about 500 grams of cubes.
Soak overnight to a ratio of one packet of cubes to 50 parts water. You can add more water or pour out any extra water when the cubes expand.

Sold in 10 gram packets.

For a great lighting effect use with our light bases or floralytes
It can be reused and washed.
Water to Cracked Ice is non-toxic with no odor.

The vases in the image contain one packet of cubes each. The vases are 9" x 3" cylinder vases (sold separately).

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