Acolyte Submersible LED Floralytes (SFL) – Batteries Included

Acolyte Submersible LED Floralytes (Also referred to as Underwater Tea Light Votive) are 1 1/4" wide x 1" high and regularly priced at $1.24 each. This Incredible Offer can only be found here at Wholesale Flowers and Supplies. Available in a variety of colors; with our popular RGB color changing bulb cycling through Red, Green and Blue.

The Acolyte Submersible LED Floralytes can be submersed in water; Vases of Fresh Cut Flowers, in Accent Acrylic Beads, Stones, Diamonds or other Accessories that light can pass through to provide a beautifully elegant touch of light and/or color.  **.  Pink is a perfect Quinceañera color! **   These Party Lights use 2 replaceable CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, twist to turn on and off to save power when not in use.  Batteries will last up to 50 hours with intermittent use. **PLEASE; Do Not use them in beverages.**

** Does not work with a remote control **

Available in these colors:

Do not forget to pick up some extra fresh CR2032 batteries to keep your
lights at
 their brightest! We sell them in a convenient 5 pack, grab them before you checkout!

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