3v Lithium Candle Battery CR2032

CR2032 Candle Batteries - 5 Pack (CR2032)

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    1 package containing 5 CR2032 coin batteries.
    These button/coin style batteries are 3 volt and are found in many of the party and event lighting we carry.
    Add a few packages to your cart before you checkout. Keeping these batteries on hand is a great idea.

    Here is a list of the products we carry which operate on the CR2032 battery: 
    Acolyte Submersible LED Floralyte I, Acolyte Submersible LED Floralyte II, Submersible 3 LED Light, Fairy Blimp Light, Diamond Waterproof Floral LED Light, Floating LED Tea Light, LED Votive Candle, Flameless LED Wax Votive (Each light requires 1 or 2 CR2032 batteries to operate.)

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