Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holders - 4253-C
Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holders
Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holders

Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holders (4253-C)

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    Clear Glass Hanging Votive Holders

    These Hanging Votive Holders make hanging votives look great when hung from curly willow branches or wedding centerpeices. These hanging votive holders are hand blown clear glass with attention to detail and quality. Each votive and candle holder holds a standard size votive or tea light candle. The wire hanger is included with each Holder. These are incredibly popular for Weddings and Events this year.

    Use these with our LED Votive Candles, LED Submersible Lights or our cute Fairy LED Blimp Lights.


    3 1/8" Tall Cup

    2 1/8" Opening

    6 .75" Tall including Wire Hanger

    4253-C  - Out of Stock

    3.25" Tall Cup

    1 7/8" Opening

    6.25" Tall including Wire Hanger

    01124 - Out of Stock

    3.5" Tall Cup

    1.75" Opening

    5.75" Tall Includging Wire Hanger

    Note: The glass votive cups and wire hangers are all hand made and blown. This means that slight variances in sizes will occur. Waves and small bubbles in the glass may also be present. 

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