1 7.75" Tall Mercury Glass Vase

Bubbled Square Mercury Vase 7.5" Tall

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Bubbled Mercury Vase

Height: 7½"
Width: 3¼"
Length: 3¼"

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The Bubbled Mercury Vase is truly an abstract container that remains amoung the most classy. The vase stands 7½" tall and has sides that measure 3¼". It has a depth of 7" to fit all of the medium stemmed flowers you like. The mercury finish of the vase gives it the apperance of a mirrored container. It can showcase flowers in any enviroment. Whether it's a wedding, party, or for your home decor, the vase is a chic and high-class container that will be satisfying for years to come. At our everyday, wholesale pricing, the Bubbled Mercury Vase is a bargin.

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