Large Distressed Clay Pedestal Handcrafted Urn 8.5"

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Large Distressed Clay Pedestal Urn

Height: 8½"
Inside Diameter of Opening: 6"
Outside Diameter of Opening: 8"
Base Diameter: 5.2"

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Showcase your plants or flowers in the traditional Clay Pedestal Urn. This is the largest size of this style of vase. It stands 8½" tall and has a 8" wide outer diameter, but a 6" inner diameter. The beautifully handcrafted piece is distressed to look antiquated and complement your arrangement. It's decorated with a medallion and garland design wrapped around the exterior. For thousands of years, clay containers like these have been a staple in homes and gardens. Place a beautifully draping plant or flower in the Pedestal Urn to create a wonderfully classic appeal for any decor.

Combine all three sizes of the Clay Pedestal Urns to make an elegantly themed high/low design. 




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