4" E-Mini LED Centerpiece Light Base

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Acolyte E-Mini LED Light Base

Light Count: 9
Width: 4"
Height: 1½" 


Light up your arrangement with the powerful Acolyte E-mini Light Base! Each one measures 4" wide and is 1½" tall. Complete with 9 bright white LED lights, the Light Base will last for approximately 8 hours per battery set. Three replaceable AA batteries are included with the bases. The Acolyte E-mini Light Base is also compatible with the Acolyte Remote Control for easy use. Place one under a tower vase like the popular Glass Eiffel Tower Vase (pictured above with white Ostrich Feathers) to shine an impeccable and showcasing light onto your design.  

Use caution with Light Bases. The light emitted is bright and can damage the eyes if you look directly into the light.

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