Christmas Floral Centerpieces: Tips for creating beautiful holiday arrangements

The winter holiday season brings beautiful flowers and fragrant greenery alongside its cold weather and in some places, snow. With many celebrations throughout the season, people love to go above and beyond when decorating. These decorations include fresh flowers, holiday greens, Christmas trees, wreaths and hundreds of other decorations. A popular decoration for this time of year is a dining table centerpiece. You can make a Christmas centerpiece with little time and few resources. Don’t worry about specifics as there are hundreds of beautiful ways to make a centerpiece.

Many of you may still be wondering how to actually make a Christmas centerpiece. What makes it special for the holiday season? We will go over a few easy ways to help you create your own unique Christmas centerpiece.

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Holiday Greens

Christmas table centerpieces can be built around holiday greens such as holly, pine, juniper, cedar, and magnolia. These holiday greens bring amazing aromas and are economical fillers for your arrangement. Assorted berries and pinecones are great additions for varying textures and colors. Holiday greens are a surefire way to catch the eyes and noses of your guests.

Fresh Flowers

Once you have your holiday greens picked out, it is time to choose some fresh flowers to add to your holiday party centerpiece. Popular winter flowers include roses, spider mums, hydrangeas, carnations, and daisies. White, red and green are the predominant flower colors in the winter seasons. Though these colors do reign supreme, other color combinations can be just as beautiful. Remember, these are homemade so you have the power to choose what flowers and colors you use.

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Let there be light!

Add some light to your holiday centerpieces using candles or possibly that extra set of Christmas lights you have sitting around the house. Candles placed in the middle of the centerpiece provide an extra touch of beauty. These candles do not necessarily need to be lit to add volume to your Xmas table centerpiece. Consider adding one of our many colors of Mini Deco lights. They use batteries and are easy to manipulate, therefore they are a popular choice for holiday centerpieces. Christmas lights will work but are much harder to use based on the fact that they require electricity.

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We gave you a few ideas on what to add to your centerpiece, now it’s time to put everything together. Find a vase that will look great, is easy to move and doesn’t block the line of sight for your guests. A low plastic design dish is an ideal solution because it won’t be seen at all. Simply add some floral foam to the plastic tray and cover exposed areas with fresh greens. A homemade Christmas centerpiece is sure to bring holiday fragrances and brilliant pops of color to your dining room table.

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