Dahlias: Behind the Beauty

Dahlias are timeless flowers that have been popular for centuries for their beauty and long history. A popular flower for wedding bouquets because of how many different types and colors are available. From the needle-like petals to the blossoms that starkly resemble a ball. Wholesale Flowers & Supplies is proud to carry many of these different varieties of Dahlia flowers. Let’s discuss some more about the meanings behind this beautiful flower and some fun facts about it.


Behind the Name

The Dahlia’s name has been debated on for many years. Carl Linnaeus naming the flower after a student whose last name was Dahl is one of the most popular stories. However, Linnaeus died before the flower was ever named. It is still unclear to this day where the name came from. Many scientists have tried to change the genus name to Georgina but have come up short.


The colors of dahlia flowers carry very powerful meanings. Going back hundreds of years, these flowers have been used to communicate ideas. Red dahlias convey power and strength to the person that is receiving the flowers. Pink and purple blooms are attached to kindness and grace. White is a very popular color, symbolizing purity and focus. There is no such thing as a “black dahlia”, instead it is a dark burgundy color. These black dahlias are not what you want to receive as a gift as they are tied to a warning of betrayal.

Fun Facts

  • Dahlias range from 12 inches to 6 feet tall depending on the species.
  • They are edible and are said to resemble the taste of a carrot, celery and potato dish.
  • Regarded as the national flower of Mexico.
  • Was often used in treating epilepsy by the early Aztecs.
  • Gifted to couples during engagements and weddings, mainly as a symbol of an everlasting union.
  • Their season is normally early spring until early fall.
  • Commonly used for decorative purposes on cakes, tarts, and pastries.
  • Grow from tubers, not bulbs (not enduring like bulbs) and they will freeze if ground freezes.

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