DIY Hanging Centerpieces

A new trend this year for weddings is hanging centerpieces. These creations are made with different types of tree branches. These branches are where flowers, jewels, terrariums and everything else will hang from. This is a beautiful spin on the classic centerpieces and will really give your wedding or event some extra character.


When looking for a branch to use for your centerpiece, it is important to be cautious on picking. You will want to make sure your branch is healthy and strong. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items you will be hanging from it. We recommend hanging fresh flowers, glass terrariums, and/ or hanging candle holders.

You must keep into consideration the measurements of your room and the ceiling clearance you have available. These hanging centerpieces need a lot of room and they will look too big in a room that doesn’t have the right space. Once you find the branch that works for you, start by cleaning it up and making sure there are no major imperfections because it is the most important piece of the centerpiece.

When the branch is ready to be decorated, strings of fishing line need to be cut in all different sizes. The fishing line will attach the flowers, terrariums and candle holders to the branch. Dendrobium orchids, roses, daises, and marigolds are great flowers to hang. Make sure that the flowers and glass hanging items are spaced out.

Another idea is to use spray varnish on the branch. This varnish can give your centerpiece a fresh color and let you personalize it even more. This is not a classic centerpiece and is bound to turn heads. It will be the talk of the wedding.

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