Easter Flowers: No matter what your religious beliefs are, flowers are always nessecary!

Many of the traditions that come along with Easter stem from early Christianity. The first thing many Christians think of is Jesus Christ rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. Other (non-religious) people see Easter as a fun-loving holiday including magical bunnies, candy and colorful painted eggs. These stories and symbols all stand for new beginnings, new life and rebirth. Easter flowers will always play a large role in these ceremonies and celebrations. The soft whites and brilliant pastel colors of these freshly opening flower buds symbolize just that… new life.

Flowers are a traditional way to add beauty, warmth and radiance to any home or special event. White blooms have always been a popular way to give thanks to the highest. This is especially true on Easter Sunday when Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Here are a few flowers that we think truly symbolize all the different Easter celebrations:

Easter Lilies

The Easter lily traditionally represents life, hope, innocence, purity and love. Their brilliant white color and trumpet-like shape prove to be an absolutely breathtaking Easter flower. Their fragrance is bountiful and their presence is simply one of a kind.



Tulips are a popular Easter bloom because of their wide variety of lovely pastel colors and their nearly perfectly symmetrical flower buds (that resemble Easter eggs). Often called the welcomers of spring because they are usually the first flower to bloom in the springtime. Tulips flower from a bulb that seems like it is dead, making them the perfect fit for Easter.



Another one of the Easter flowers that truly symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings is the Daffodil. Their trumpet-like shape alongside radiant yellow and white colors make them truly unforgettable. Daffodils have limited availability and often sell fast, so get them while you can.



Hyacinth flowers come with a beautiful scent and an exceptional shape, that is truly loved by many. However, in reality, they are not technically even flowers at all. They are actually flowering plants, native to the Mediterranean region. The bulb produces a dense stalk filled with colorful and aromatic flowers, making them a perfect fit for Easter celebrations.


Whatever you choose for Easter florals, we hope that they bring happiness and beauty to your celebrations. Stop into Wholesale Flowers to find a beautiful selection of fresh flowers, waiting to go home with you. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to spend lots of quality time with your friends and family.


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