Fresh Flower Delivery 2019: Stop Wasting Time & Money

The coming of a New Year brings a lot of change for many people. Some choose to eat healthier while others choose to workout more or to drop that ex boyfriend/ girlfriend. Wholesale Flowers is dedicating the holiday to growing our business and continuing to treat our customers as the top priority. We plan to continue growing our online fresh flower delivery sales, making more flowers and greenery available. Are you paying too much for your fresh flowers? Maybe you don’t have the time to go out and get them anymore? We have a solution for you! Our selection of fresh flowers is available to nationwide and all flower orders come with FREE overnight priority shipping. Wholesale Flowers and Supplies is a farm direct supplier of bulk fresh cut flowers. We are ready to share our savings with all our amazing customers.

Why should you choose Wholesale Flowers?

We have been in the floral industry for more than 30 years! During that time, we have provided the customers of our San Diego store with quality flowers. Recently, we have pushed to extend our fresh flower sales to the rest of the United States, via overnight shipping. We are just starting this transition and are figuring out the right way to do things. We hope to extend the number of flower types available, as well as find ways to cut down costs. Right now, we are offering free overnight shipping to all customers who purchase 10 bunches of fresh flowers/ greenery. Is there an aspiring floral designer in the family? Assorted bunches of fresh flowers, delivered to the door, makes an amazing gift idea.

Once you receive your flowers…

It is very important to open and unpack your flower shipment as soon as it arrives. This will extend the life of your flowers and help them open, making them a breathtaking site when it comes time to use them. Cut roughly an inch off each flower stem and place the stems into cool water for no less than an hour. Change the water and recut the flower stems every 2-3 days to provide optimal hydration and aid in the vase life of your flowers. Flowers like lilies, that require time to open, should be placed in a warmer environment to help them open faster.

Not just flowers!

Don’t forget that we carry hundreds of different vases and containers, all at everyday bulk prices. There are no order minimums for vases and supplies but please note that free delivery is for fresh flowers only! Grab all of your favorite decorative accents, wedding supplies and floral tools at the lowest prices online.

Let Wholesale Flowers deliver quality florals to your door and never overpay for flower delivery again. Don’t make the same mistakes you made last year when it comes to ordering flowers. Buy your flowers with a company you can trust, a company that has been in business for over 30 years!

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