Inexpensive Centerpieces for wedding tables (II)

I am obsessed with this million star Gypsophillia.  I love the fact that I can use about 1/3 of a bunch and place the flowers anywhere I want.

In this arrangement I used 7 stems of Gerbera’s and the best part is the Gerbera’s stay where I put them.  I used a 5”x5”x5” glass cube vase. I got the vase at for less than $4.00 along with the “gold acrylic gems” that I placed in the bottom as pictured.  When you’re doing 20 centerpieces it’s nice to have help and just someone to talk with so while you’re on the site check out the cheap cutting shears I found for the flowers.


I used the gems because they reflect light and give a pop to the arrangement plus they are really inexpensive.  I love these Gerbera’s, if you look closely it looks like some of the flowers are reaching out to kiss you.  I for one have stared senselessly at centerpieces after a few glass of wine and wished anything would kiss me, lol.  So give the lonely hearts gals  at you party something to fantasize about while you bask in the limelight.

Oh and Gerbera’s are available in white,red,yellow,burgundy,pink,hot pink, orange,coral and are inexpensive and available year round.  If you want to add a touch of black, Gerbera’s also come in the above colors with a black center. I added a couple of stems of lemon leaves for a touch of green. This is a cheap arrangement to make but has an elegant look. Watch for my next post with another wedding party favorite.

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