Ocean-Themed Tropical Centerpiece

Tropical flowers are some of the most noticeable flowers on earth. Whether you put them into a bouquet or you use them in your hair, they will catch you eye every time. They stick out and make any arrangement look sophisticated. Orchids and other tropical flowers are beautiful additions to any room or any event. They bring a warm presence with them and they will influence the moods of people. Tropical flowers are easy to work with, they are beautiful by themselves and filler flowers or accents are not needed.


Start by buying a large fishbowl vase and clean the inside of it thoroughly. Begin to place some seashells throughout the vase in the way that looks good from all angles. You will then place your fresh orchids or other tropical flowers into the fishbowl being cautious of where they are placed.

You can place the orchids freely in the vase or you could use floral foam to help them stay solidly in one place. Next you can use moss, accent beads and other supplies to give the centerpiece some extra character. Make sure that you clean the outside of your vase when you are finished so that it looks clean and presentable. With some of your time, supplies, and fresh flowers you can create something just as beautiful as this!

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