Peonies are one of our favorites, now available at Wholesale Flowers!

The peony is a significant flower, both historically and mythologically. A few common peony meanings include good fortune, happy marriage, prosperity and romance. They also coincide with honor, compassion and even bashfulness. There is a short season for peonies, with most of them blooming from late April to Mid June.

Each of these wonderful flowers is similar to a work of art, with it’s layers of petals forming tight buds. These buds eventually unravel and reveal brilliant ruffled blooms. The scent of a peony is often sweet and similar to that of an open rose. Many describe the scent as having a slight citrus tone. Not sure if you have a peony? The first way to tell is by looking at the flower bud. If it looks like a round ball, you likely have a peony. Next, take a look at the stems and leaves. A peony flower will not have thorns and is usually accompanied by leafy green foliage.


Peonies Make Great Wedding Flowers

Peonies are a common part of many late spring and early summer weddings. They can be used for bridal bouquets, hair pieces, table centerpieces and in boutonnieres/ corsages. It’s not hard to see why they are so popular. The soft ruffled petals alongside the pink and white hues make them a perfect fit in many weddings. It has been said that peonies can bring good fortune and a happy marriage.


Flowers That Look Like Peonies, But Are Not

Peonies are a highly sought after flower, that often won’t be available when needed. Their short season and increasing popularity are a few reasons why you may not be able to get your hands on them. We have put together a few substitute flowers that you can use in their place:

Garden Roses

Garden roses are large blooming flowers that mimic the petals and size of an open peony. They are available in a much wider selection of colors than peonies. These colors include bright orange, yellow, lavender and many others.



The ranunculus flower has a much flatter cup shape than the peony and has a hollow looking stem. The ranunculus bloom is also smaller and often has many blooms per stem.



When grouped together, fully bloomed carnations look very similar to an open peony. Light pink and off white varieties make the best peony substitute as they mimic their natural colors.


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