Holiday Centerpieces

During the wintertime, there’s no substitution to having a sweet smelling and breathtakingly beautiful holiday arrangement on your table. At this time of year, when the air gets colder and the scent of pine is in the air, a lovely centerpiece showcasing seasonal flowers and greens is one of the best ways to show your holiday spirit. Including colorful ornaments to your arrangement will really bring out the greens and add a nice change of texture. Holiday-themed floral designs usually comprise of all the different elements of wintertime to create a warm and nostalgic symbol of the season.


One of the special attributes about holiday and wintertime arrangements is that the greens play a more significant role in these pieces than in any other season. This is great for a few reasons; the fresh aroma, they make a nice backdrop for your flowers, and greens are an economical filler for any arrangement. Incorporate fresh greens such as Holly, Pine, Juniper, Cedar, Eucalyptus, and Magnolia in your designs to give it a timeless look. Berries and pinecones are also commonly used in holiday arrangements because of their seasonality and texture. Red Rosehips or berries that are attached to greens like Cedar are the most popular options. Your flower choice depends upon your tastes. There’s been a growing trend to do flower arrangements that are more contemporary and wild for the holidays. Using taller flowers are atypical season colors are an easy way to achieve that. But traditional holiday arrangements are always a pleasing addition to your decor. For those arrangements, red and white flowers reign supreme. When matched with your greens, those colors will pop beautifully. Soft colors like pink and purple can also be incorporated to add a bit of flare to your design. Flowers that are commonly seen in traditional Christmas centerpieces include Roses, Hydrangea, Spider Mums, Lilies, Snapdragons, and Carnations. Big and bold flowers will brighten up any room.

The use of candles in holiday arrangements is an alluring and chic addition, even if it’s never to be lit. Candles can provide an extra touch of color and texture to complete your centerpiece. Now the only question that remains is which container to choose for your arrangement. It’s important to keep the season in mind when selecting vases. Decorative gold and silver containers are the conventional options, but wooden and glass containers will always look classy. In fact, most holiday arrangements don’t call for vases at all. Simply place your arrangement in a plastic tray or dish with floral foam and cover the exposed areas with your fresh greens. This method tends to be the most popular because it’s virtually maintenance free and keeps the design low enough for your guests to clearly see over it. You can find all the different types and styles of containers that would be great for your holiday design on our website.
Holiday arrangements can offer your home a garnish of vivid color, sweet fragrance, and admirable beauty that captures the essence of wintertime. Coupled with a wreath, decorative ornaments, candle holders and garlands, a wonderful holiday centerpiece will be the pinnacle of your decor.

Succulents: The Newest Trend for Weddings

One of the hottest trends this wedding season has been the addition of succulents to your ceremony. They can replace virtually any flower on your special day and succulents are much more hardy and sustainable. That means you can take home and admire a token from your special day for months even years after the party. Plant them in your garden and watch them grow like the love you and your partner share. You don’t need to live in California to appreciate the fact that succulents need very little water and maintenance. When planted, they only need to be watered once a week. Succulents come in a wide variety of astonishing shapes and colors that can be made to look as elegant or as casual as you would like. The thick, fleshy leaves on succulents give beautiful contrast to delicate flowers in an array of different arrangements at the ceremony. We’ll talk about the different locations and ways you can incorporate succulents into your chic wedding.

Deck out your reception with custom centerpieces containing succulents. This is a great idea because they will last months after the ceremony and you or your guests can take them home and have them as a treasure from your amazing wedding day. Also, you will save a ton of money using succulents instead of flowers. You can always mix succulents with fresh flowers as well!

Bridal Bouquets
Give your bridal bouquet an organic feel without sacrificing any class by adding beautiful and unique succulents to your bouquet. Complement the succulents with a softer flower like peonies or roses for a classic, garden look. Make them extravagant or simple, the choice is yours.

Keep the same organic feel for your boutonnieres while keeping it simple and beautiful. Succulents are great for boutonnieres because they look great, they stay alive for many hours and they are easy to make. Use other earthy flowers such as billy balls or dusty miller to complement the succulent in your boutonniere.

Succulents go great in corsages and give the earthy feel you are most likely going for if you chose succulents. Easy to make and beautiful, succulent corsages are a perfect choice for your wedding. Use one or many succulents, the possibilities are endless.