Easter Flowers: No matter what your religious beliefs are, flowers are always nessecary!


Many of the traditions that come along with Easter stem from early Christianity. The first thing many Christians think of is Jesus Christ rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. Other (non-religious) people see Easter as a fun-loving holiday including magical bunnies, candy and colorful painted eggs. These stories and symbols all stand for new beginnings, new life and rebirth. Easter flowers will always play a large role in these ceremonies and celebrations. The soft whites and brilliant pastel colors of these freshly opening flower buds symbolize just that… new life.


Fresh Flower Delivery 2019: Stop Wasting Time & Money

The coming of a New Year brings a lot of change for many people. Some choose to eat healthier while others choose to workout more or to drop that ex boyfriend/ girlfriend. Wholesale Flowers is dedicating the holiday to growing our business and continuing to treat our customers as the top priority. We plan to continue growing our online fresh flower delivery sales, making more flowers and greenery available. Are you paying too much for your fresh flowers? Maybe you don’t have the time to go out and get them anymore? We have a solution for you! Our selection of fresh flowers is available to nationwide and all flower orders come with FREE overnight priority shipping. Wholesale Flowers and Supplies is a farm direct supplier of bulk fresh cut flowers. We are ready to share our savings with all our amazing customers.


Christmas Cactus: What makes them special this time of year?

When you imagine what flowers are in-demand around Christmas time, the first to come to mind are surely Poinsettias. It is important to note that there are many different holiday flowers that don’t get as much attention as the Poinsettia. There are undeniable amounts of beauty in the flowers that don’t get the attention and spotlight. In this short blog we will be exploring one of our favorite holiday florals, the Christmas Cactus.


Holiday Gifts: Last Minute Ideas

We are only a week and a half away from Christmas. Do you have all your holiday gifts purchased yet? If not, we have a few product ideas that would make amazing gifts. Place your orders as soon as you can to give yourself plenty of shipping time for your items. Customers in our home state of California only need 1-2 business days to receive their product, while east coast orders can take 4-5 business days. Wherever you are, get those orders in this weekend!! If you think you might cut it close on time, give us a call and we will do everything we can to get your products to you on time.


Christmas Floral Centerpieces: Tips for creating beautiful holiday arrangements

The winter holiday season brings beautiful flowers and fragrant greenery alongside its cold weather and in some places, snow. With many celebrations throughout the season, people love to go above and beyond when decorating. These decorations include fresh flowers, holiday greens, Christmas trees, wreaths and hundreds of other decorations. A popular decoration for this time of year is a dining table centerpiece. You can make a Christmas centerpiece with little time and few resources. Don’t worry about specifics as there are hundreds of beautiful ways to make a centerpiece.


Holiday Centerpieces


During the wintertime, there’s no substitution for having a sweet smelling and breathtakingly beautiful holiday arrangement on your table. At this time of year, when the air gets colder and the scent of pine is in the air, a lovely centerpiece showcasing seasonal flowers and greens is one of the best ways to show your holiday spirit.