Peonies are one of our favorites, now available at Wholesale Flowers!


The peony is a significant flower, both historically and mythologically. A few common peony meanings include good fortune, happy marriage, prosperity and romance. They also coincide with honor, compassion and even bashfulness. There is a short season for peonies, with most of them blooming from late April to Mid June.


Mother’s Day is only 30 days away. Are you ready?

Mother’s Day is approaching fast, in fact, it is only about 30 days away. We want to make sure our customers are not caught off-guard and are ready ahead of time this year. Mother’s Day is a day to recognize our mothers and all of the mothers that play a role in our life. Whether it’s your birth mother, your grandmother, the mother of your children or a sibling, it is important to show them how much they mean to you. Traditionally, carnations were the floral symbol of Mothers Day. It is believed that carnations were born from the tears of the Virgin Mary, making them a symbol of a mother’s undying love and therefore a popular choice for Mothers Day. Today, carnations are still a sought after flower; however, many other flowers have become increasingly popular for this special day. Here are a few of our Mothers Day favorites:


Spring Flowers: A Few of Our Favorites

Welcome in the joy and beauty of spring with a few bunches of colorful freshly cut flowers. Bold pastel colors and often bulb-like shapes help distinguish spring time blooms from the other seasons. Some spring flowers are only available for a few months of the year, so be sure to take advantage of their availability while you can. Here are a few of our favorite spring blooms.


Early Spring Flowers


Welcome in springtime the right way with freshly cut spring flowers! Flowers that grow and are popular in the spring are generally characterized by their vibrant pastel colors and bulb shaped blooms. They’re usually grouped together with other flowers of the same kind in arrangements to create an explosion of color and fragrance.


Natural Centerpieces

Natural Centerpieces2

Trends come and go in the floral industry, but some basic principles stay the same. One of those principles is to have an appreciation for nature and the colorful and fragrant beauty that it produces. With the arrival of spring right around the corner, there’ll be an abundance of organic materials that can be combined to make the ideal natural centerpiece. It’s important to keep the outdoors in mind when selecting everything you intend to use, from the flowers, foliage, and container.