Mercury Glass Sphere Vase

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Mercury Glass Sphere

Height: 6"
Width: 7"
Opening Diameter: 4"

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The stunning Mercury Sphere Vase is a wonderfully chic option for your container needs. The vase has a 7" diameter at it's widest, stands 6" tall, and has an opening of 4". The Mercury Sphere combines a classic Bubble Bowl shape with a vintage metallic finish to create one of our most popular items. Flowers such as Tulips, Hanging Amaranthus, Daisies, Roses, or Ranunculus would look great in the vase. For a creative design, place a LED Light at the bottom of the vase and cover it with Acrylic Diamonds, Gems, or Crystals. Watch as the light will shine through the colorful acrylic and illuminate the entire vase. The Mercury Sphere Vase can be used as a candle holder as well. The light will beautifully shimmer through the spotted vase. Whether it's for a formal event, informal party, or your home decor, the Mercury Sphere Vase is a artistic and affordable option for your vase needs.

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