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  1. Silk Peonies Assorted Colors
    As low as $3.50
  2. 17½" Taper Candles
    As low as $1.35
  3. 6" Peony Flower Balls Different Colors
    As low as $4.99
  4. 14½" Taper Candles
    As low as $1.50
  5. 5½" Taper Candles
    As low as $0.60
  6. Wrist Corsage Bracelet
    As low as $2.50
  7. Decorative Glitter Butterflies for Flower Arrangements 20-Pack
    As low as $2.75
  8. Rose Flower Kissing Balls
    As low as $5.99
  9. Super Moss Preserved Reindeer Moss
    As low as $18.70
  10. 50 yards Satin Cord Different Colors
    As low as $1.90
  11. 100% Polyester Organza Pouch Bags assorted colors
    As low as $1.50
  12. 1.5" Plain Organza Ribbon
    As low as $2.75
  13. Square Charger Plate
    As low as $2.95
  14. Small Silk Hydrangea Different Colors
    As low as $2.70
  15. Fashion leaves Wedding Accents
    As low as $0.99
  16. Round Charger Plate Many Colors
    As low as $1.95
  17. 6" Glitter Tulle Spool
    As low as $4.95
  18. Floratape Floral Tape Stem wrap 1" wide
    As low as $2.50
  19. 5/8" Nylon Organza Ribbon Assorted Colors
    As low as $1.60
  20. Colored Crystal Diamond Decor Confetti
    As low as $4.60
  21. Silk Rose Petals, Assorted Colors Bag
    As low as $1.99
  22. Decorative Gems
    As low as $2.99
  23. Diamond Waterproof Floral Lights LED
    As low as $2.90
  24. 7" Illuminating 23 LED Centerpiece Light Base
    As low as $8.25
  25. Deco String Light 10 LED Vine Light Colors Available
    As low as $2.95
  26. Floratape Stem Wrap ½"- 2 rolls per pack (30 yds. each)
    As low as $2.50
  27. Single Face Poly-Satin Ribbon 1.5" Assorted colors
    As low as $3.95
  28. Aluminum Deco Floral Wire
    As low as $1.65
  29. Waterproof 3 LED Lights - Assorted Colors
    As low as $0.49
  30. Colored Ostrich Feather Drabs 5 stems
    As low as $3.99

Items 121-150 of 521

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So, you have your flowers and your vases but you don’t have anything else? You’ve come to the right place! Wholesale Flowers and Supplies stocks a wide variety of floral supplies and accessories at low bulk price points that are available to everyone. We have supplies for every floral need, whether you need to keep your flowers fresh or make your vases stand out.

We carry Floral and wedding supplies, floral tool, decorative accents, dried branches and floral maintenance supplies. Floral supplies include: Aquafoam, AquaPlus, flower boxes, cellophane wrap, flower sleeves, floral wire, plastic liners, tape and glue. Our wedding supplies consist of: charger plates, decorative ribbon, baskets, guest books and many other accessories to make your day as special as it should be.

Every DIY project requires some tools and we believe that our customers should have access to these tools at a lower cost than they are used to paying. We have an amazing selection of floral tools that consist of: floral knives, thorn strippers, pruning shears, wire cutters, glue guns and glue sticks. Our decorative accents include: many types of moss, rocks, gems, sand, mirrors, synthetic flowers, and decorative vase accents.

One of the trickiest parts about flowers is keeping them alive and healthy. We have supplies to help you with that! Our flower maintenance supplies are made up of: HydraQuik, floral adhesive, AquaPlus powder and AquaFresh. We pride ourselves is being a one stop shopping experience for all these wonderful floral supplies. Buy everything together and save on shipping!

Do you already have all your floral supplies? Make sure to check out our extensive selection of glass and ceramic vases. We also carry many wood and metal vase and container options. The possibilities are endless at Wholesale Flowers & Supplies.