4" Square Glass Cube Vase

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Square Glass Cube Vase

Height: 4"
Depth: 3½"
Width: 4"
Length: 4"

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The 4" Glass Cube Vase will satisfyingly stand on it's own, or can be used in collusion with other sizes of the Glass Cube Vase. The Cube measures 4" in every direction except in depth, which is due to a ½" of solid clear glass at the bottom. It's great for short stem flowers like Hydrangea's, Dahlias, and Mums. If you choose to use floral foam for your arrangement, be sure to wrap the interior of the vase with a Tea or Aspidistra Leaf to hide the foam. The 4" Cube will also beautifully hold a Votive Candle or LED Light. Accessorize your Cube with decorative accents like Acrylic Gems, Colored Water Beads, Stones, or Small Rocks. The 4" Glass Cube Vase is a versatile and admirable member of the Glass Cube family.

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