Holiday Centerpieces

During the wintertime, there’s no substitution to having a sweet smelling and breathtakingly beautiful holiday arrangement on your table. At this time of year, when the air gets colder and the scent of pine is in the air, a lovely centerpiece showcasing seasonal flowers and greens is one of the best ways to show your holiday spirit. Including colorful ornaments to your arrangement will really bring out the greens and add a nice change of texture. Holiday-themed floral designs usually comprise of all the different elements of wintertime to create a warm and nostalgic symbol of the season.


One of the special attributes about holiday and wintertime arrangements is that the greens play a more significant role in these pieces than in any other season. This is great for a few reasons; the fresh aroma, they make a nice backdrop for your flowers, and greens are an economical filler for any arrangement. Incorporate fresh greens such as Holly, Pine, Juniper, Cedar, Eucalyptus, and Magnolia in your designs to give it a timeless look. Berries and pinecones are also commonly used in holiday arrangements because of their seasonality and texture. Red Rosehips or berries that are attached to greens like Cedar are the most popular options. Your flower choice depends upon your tastes. There’s been a growing trend to do flower arrangements that are more contemporary and wild for the holidays. Using taller flowers are atypical season colors are an easy way to achieve that. But traditional holiday arrangements are always a pleasing addition to your decor. For those arrangements, red and white flowers reign supreme. When matched with your greens, those colors will pop beautifully. Soft colors like pink and purple can also be incorporated to add a bit of flare to your design. Flowers that are commonly seen in traditional Christmas centerpieces include Roses, Hydrangea, Spider Mums, Lilies, Snapdragons, and Carnations. Big and bold flowers will brighten up any room.

The use of candles in holiday arrangements is an alluring and chic addition, even if it’s never to be lit. Candles can provide an extra touch of color and texture to complete your centerpiece. Now the only question that remains is which container to choose for your arrangement. It’s important to keep the season in mind when selecting vases. Decorative gold and silver containers are the conventional options, but wooden and glass containers will always look classy. In fact, most holiday arrangements don’t call for vases at all. Simply place your arrangement in a plastic tray or dish with floral foam and cover the exposed areas with your fresh greens. This method tends to be the most popular because it’s virtually maintenance free and keeps the design low enough for your guests to clearly see over it. You can find all the different types and styles of containers that would be great for your holiday design on our website.
Holiday arrangements can offer your home a garnish of vivid color, sweet fragrance, and admirable beauty that captures the essence of wintertime. Coupled with a wreath, decorative ornaments, candle holders and garlands, a wonderful holiday centerpiece will be the pinnacle of your decor.

How to Avoid DIY Flower Mistakes

When you make flower bouquets and arrangements without the help of a professional, there is a chance that they might end up different than originally planned. Don’t let this get you discouraged. You may think that it is a difficult and time consuming process to arrange flowers; but in this blog we will give you tips to make your creating process much easier.



  • Have enough people: Bouquets and Arrangements can sometimes be time consuming and get stressful if you don’t ask for help. You should try to find a friend that has some experience working with flowers. If you don’t know anyone, than you can ask a few friends to help you out. This will help you avoid common mistakes when creating and will speed up the process.
  • Do an inventory of the products/ flowers: You will have to figure out how many of each flower will be needed and all the supplies that go along with it. Once you figure out how much product you will be buying, then it is time to buy, count everything out, and get it organized. An organized inventory will make the creating process much easier.
  • Make sure the bouquets are solidly constructed: Using floral tape, oasis glue and oasis foam are crucial in keeping the bouquet or arrangement upright and intact. Make sure you wire-wrap fragile flowers like Gerbera Daisies.
  • Don’t let flowers get Ethylene poisoning: Placing flowers in your refrigerator at home can be deadly for the flowers. Fruits and other foods can poison the flowers and cause them to wilt. For best results, keep flowers out of the refrigerator. Instead, just put them in a cool dry place with fresh water.
  • Order flowers in time for them to open up: Flowers have particular times of blooming and you must plan ahead for this. Different flowers will open at various times. No flower will be exactly the same. If you are in the San Diego area, come in and ask us! If you are not close to us then just ask your local flower shop or florist.
  • Watch the temperature of your surroundings: Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and in the coolest place possible. Do not put them near fans or wind drafts because the flowers will wilt and dry up as a result. It is important to keep fresh water for the flowers, changing old water every day or every other day. Increase the life of your flowers by using AquaPlus flower food.
  • Organize a production line: When making centerpieces organize your helpers into a production line and give each person a certain task that they do on every centerpiece. Make sure everyone has a job that they can do well and won’t have problems with.



We hope these tips will help you out during your arrangement construction and your centerpieces or bouquets will look beautiful.



Do It Yourself Centerpiece – Beauty with a Small Price Tag

When designing your own centerpieces for your wedding, you want them to be as beautiful as possible. Finding a design that is simple and affordable but also looks nice is very important. There are hundreds of different ways to make a beautiful centerpiece. Today we will be giving you tips on how to make this gorgeous rose petal centerpiece. If you are in the San Diego area, feel free to stop in and grab your flowers and supplies. 5305 Metro Street. San Diego, CA 92110. If you are not local, please visit us online at . Hyperlinks are provided throughout the blog for fast access to the items described.




Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you are ready to put everything together. You will want to try to buy your flowers or flower petals a few days before your event. This will provide the freshest flowers and give them time to open if they haven’t yet. You do not specifically need to use roses for this arrangement; in fact any flower will look nice.

First, take your centerpiece mirror and position it where you want the focal point of the table to be. Next, place the cylinder vase in the middle of the mirror and the votive holders with candles all around the vase. After the vase, votive holders and candles are in place; pour some glass beads into the cylinder vase. Attach a rose to something heavy (eg. Rock) using string in order to create the floating rose. Top off the vase with a floating candle, sprinkle some rose petals over everything and light the candles. This will be a fun process for you and your friends to make the centerpieces. You can feel proud that you made them yourself, you will save money and you will most likely enjoy creating them.


DIY Hanging Centerpieces

A new trend this year for weddings is hanging centerpieces. These creations are made with different types of tree branches. These branches are where flowers, jewels, terrariums and everything else will hang from. This is a beautiful spin on the classic centerpieces and will really give your wedding or event some extra character.



When looking for a branch to use for your centerpiece, it is important to be cautious on picking. You will want to make sure your branch is healthy and strong. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items you will be hanging from it. We recommend hanging fresh flowers, glass terrariums, and/ or hanging candle holders. You must keep into consideration the measurements of your room and the ceiling clearance you have available. These hanging centerpieces need a lot of room and they will look too big in a room that doesn’t have the right space. Once you find the branch that works for you, start by cleaning it up and making sure there are no major imperfections because it is the most important piece of the centerpiece. When the branch is ready to be decorated, strings of fishing line need to be cut in all different sizes. The fishing line will attach the flowers, terrariums and candle holders to the branch. Dendrobium orchids, roses, daises, and marigolds are great flowers to hang. Make sure that the flowers and glass hanging items are spaced out. Another idea is to use spray varnish on the branch. This varnish can give your centerpiece a fresh color and let you personalize it even more. This is not a classic centerpiece and is bound to turn heads. It will be the talk of the wedding.

If you are in the San Diego area, please come into the store and check us out or pick up your supplies. If you are not in the SD area please visit our website at to pick up all of your supplies.



Three Amazing Crafts you can Create with Flowers

There are so many new and creative ways to decorate or brighten up a room with flowers. You can also use them to create lots of great things for your home or when you are giving gifts to friends. Here are three easy and fun ideas.

A great idea for using flowers in a craft is to create unique candles. First, gather up flowers you want to use. The size of the candle you choose will affect how many flowers you need. Once you have made your selections you are going to want to press them in a book. This is the waiting part of creating this craft and could take a few days.  Once the flowers are pressed you can attach them to the sides of the candle by using craft glue. After the flowers are in the right position, pour melted wax over the top allowing it to flow down the sides. Do this until the flowers are covered and you have your pretty candle. If you want to make your own candles you can create the same look by filling a candle mold with the flowers and pouring wax onto them.



Next, you can create a pretty vase for your table. After making your flower selections, head to your nearest craft store. There will be a wide variety of ribbons in just about any shade or design you can think of. Pick out your selection of ribbon based on the colors of the flowers you want to use.  Two or three different styles or colors will work well for this project. The next step is simple and quick. Find a container, preferably glass, but others will work as well. This is a temporary center piece because you are using fresh cut flowers; if you want something more permanent then use silk flowers instead. Glue the flowers onto the ribbon with a hot glue gun. You can press them before or just use them as is so they stick out all around the vase. Taking the hot glue gun again place a small bead of glue on your container and secure one end of ribbon over the glue. Then wrap the ribbon around the container. Repeat these steps, alternating the different ribbons. In a few short minutes you will have a vase that can change on your whim!

The last craft is for when you are giving a gift to someone, and really requires little work. When wrapping your gift, choose paper that is plain. Typically a paper bag is good for this if the gift is relativity small. Simply get your favorite fresh flowers. You can go simple with just one small blossom or you can go all out and get several different varieties and create a beautiful, sweet smelling accent. You will need cotton balls, floral tape and twine—for the country/rustic look. Trim the stems of the flowers down so they will sit on top of the package easily. Once the stems have been cut, wrap them with the wet cotton and then wrap the cotton with the floral tape. Be careful not to drip water on the paper. You can then wrap the twine around the tape, to mask it. Using the tails of the twine, wrap it around the package, securing the flowers in place. You don’t have to tie them to the package. You can also use other methods and simply adhere it to the top, without the twine.  You can also attach leaves to give it a fuller more complete look. If you want to get really creative, you can even attach them to the twine and allow them to dangle over the edge. This is a simple way to make a gift you are giving special.

Flowers Make Beautiful Names

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” That line is a line known worldwide by millions. There are so many reasons someone gives a specific name to their child. Perhaps little Mildred was named after a great-great-grandmother, or perhaps William Jerrick III is a legacy handed down from fathers to their sons. Whatever the reason, it is obvious that people name their children because it is something they can give their child that no one can take away from them. Ancient myths and lore believe if one has the knowledge of a powerful person’s name, they then wield power over the owner. Look at the story of Rumplestiltskin, his name was his undoing. Naming children after flowers does not necessarily mean they are offspring of flower children that spent entirely too much time at Woodstock. There are several mixtures of names that are used in representation of flowers.  In fact, there are over one hundred and eight flower names for girls alone.


There are some that are more common than others. Rose is the first. Just like there are many different styles, shapes, colors and variations of roses this name is used for girls of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds.  A rose is beautiful and vibrant. Rose enchanted Jack on the Titanic. Another name commonly used for a girl is Daisy. It is said that girls whom possess this name often have a deep, inner desire for personal independence. They are also very likely to have high leadership abilities and choose to focus on large issues as well as delegate details and results.


blog daisy

The name Lily is as beautiful as the flower it stems from.  People that carry the name Lily touch people’s lives and are very charismatic leaders. They often will take on huge tasks and large jobs.  They usually value justice, discipline and truth. Sometimes they can be a little quick tempered when people do not agree with them, but they handle their side very well.


A very beautiful name, yet uncommon one is Asteria. When people use this name, they will often shorten it to Aster. This name was used more in the 1940-1960s, it is less common now. Though the trend on revisiting old school names is becoming more and more popular. The young women that possess this name may have a deep desire or need for quiet. While they like the quiet, they also have a desire to analyze their surroundings, searching for deeper meanings in the things around them. Dahlia is a flower name that has a sad history. It is said that people with this name are practical and throughout their life can gain great power and wealth. They have a knack for business because they are very focused on what they want and ways to achieve their goals. Dahlia is not widely used due to a heinous murder known as the Black Dahlia.  The murder victim, Beth Short, lost her life in 1947. Some say that the woman gained the name because of her black hair and black dress coupled with the fact that she wore a dahlia in her hair. While the name is beautiful, not many parents want to associate their beautiful little bundle of joy with the brutal murder of a woman over sixty-seven years ago. While there are some that will brave it, most steer clear. Even though Dahlia wasn’t the name of the girl the connotations are too much.


A beautiful flower typically found in the highlands of Scotland is Heather. These beautiful flowers can have various shapes, shades and colors. Heather is  idealistic and they have extremely active imaginations. Heather is a much more common name than some of the others. No matter the flower someone is named after it is something they can always carry with them. While their name might not be their favorite flower, others will associate them with beauty simply hearing it.

Weddings Around the World

The different traditions at various affairs vary all throughout the world, and that certainly holds true for weddings. Take a look at the fascinating wedding traditions from all around the world!


Weddings in China


In China, weddings were rather elaborate affairs. The bride would wear a traditional qipao, a brightly colored red dress made from silk with lavish gold embroidery. She would also change gowns a number of times throughout the reception oftentimes. The timing of the special day was also often decided upon by a fortune-teller who would find a date for the wedding based on the birthdates of the couple.


Weddings in Italy


As Italian folklore would have it, couples were never to marry on a Tuesday or Friday in Italy for fear of bad luck. Most ceremonies were performed on Sundays, as Saturdays weddings were usually for widows getting married once again. There were also other superstitious traditions in Italian weddings. For example, the groom would hold a piece of iron in his pockets to keep evil spirits away and the bride would have her veil torn to promote good luck.



Weddings in Morocco


Moroccan weddings were traditionally quite the lavish affair, often lasting up to seven days. These lengthy events would feature separate parties for the women and men. For the first three days, people would prepare for the celebrations, help to beautify the bride and party. The next day was when the couple would be married. The fifth and sixth days kept the celebrations going, while the seventh day was when the guests would hold the bride upon a cushion and the groom on the shoulders of the men before the newly married couple would be carried away to a room for the consummation of their marriage.


Weddings in Sweden


Swedish weddings also had their fair share of superstitious traditions. In some areas, the bride and bridesmaids would carry horribly smelling weeds to ward off any trolls. The bride would also wear a silver coin given to her by her mother in her left shoe and a gold coin given to her by her father in her right shoe to ensure her financial security. She would also receive three different gold rings from her husband, one for her engagement and two on her wedding day, one for marriage and another for pregnancy.

By Britt


Lift a Mood – Give a Flower

There are hundreds of reasons people can feel down in the dumps. Sometimes they simply wake up that way. It can be a small thing like their partner making a comment that sets them out. No matter what the reason is, hearing a sad story on the news or a co-worker gets you into trouble to save their position, you know a way to bring your spirits back up. Why not turn to flowers. Today we are going to talk about roses first, but there are many types and colors of flowers that can help significantly.

Nothing is better than getting your favorite flowers, so keep that in mind, your favorite can also be a mood lifter. If you don’t have a favorite maybe you can pick one from the different types that change your mood.

The most common flower given to heighten anyone’s mood is the rose! Why is this? Because the rose is a flower most associated with some sort of emotion.  The great thing is that roses do not always mean love even though they can. They are given for a host of reasons in a variety of colors. A single rose can say just as much as a dozen.

The most common color is red. Presenting someone with those soft, red petals speaks volumes of love that is unyielding. By presenting your lover, wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend with a red rose, you could brighten their day, showing them that you do indeed love them and they are cherished.  How can this not change anyone’s mood?



Another beautiful rose that is common and often give is a white rose. This rose is often representative of peace and purity. By giving someone a white rose while they are in the process of grieving, you are showing them that they are cared for. Knowing that they have someone to care for them can give them the solace they need and lift them from a dark and depressive mood.

You can help someone get into a bright a happy mood by presenting them with a beautiful yellow rose. A yellow rose is believed to be a way to express happiness. This happiness can come from anywhere in your relationship with this person. You are happy in your friendship or in your relationship. Happy and sunny allows the rose to uplift and bring a cheery smile to the one you care about!

There are a few other color of roses, that while aren’t as common can still be often found in floral shops. Is your friend having a bad day? By sending them a peach colored rose you are showing them that they are an important friend to you, perhaps even a lover. There is no other color that better expresses beauty better than purple. A purple rose can brighten your wife’s or girlfriend’s day by showing and reminding them that they are beautiful. While looking for a way to say thank you, try sending them a pink rose. Pink roses are associated with the feelings of deep gratitude.
Roses are not the only flowers that can pull deep and power emotions from someone, there are several other flowers you can give to change someone’s mood. Carnations can show feelings as powerful as love, fascination and distinction. If you plant flowers in your garden or bring fresh flowers in every week to change up the look of your living space then it can make you feel at peace in your home.


Red gladiolas planted in your yard or to decorate your table can give you motivation. Yellow sunflowers can bring you happiness and make you smile. Purple orchids are gorgeous and often associated with bring you more spirituality. White calla lilies can bring purification into your home or office, and brighten up any space. Blue hydrangeas or any blue flower can help you relax more. You know which flowers you love, and if you incorporate some of these feeling flowers into your décor then you will feel much better.

What Do the Colors of Flowers Mean?

The meaning of the colors of flowers offers a unique way to be creative in the flowers you choose to give to a loved one, to decorate your home with or to have at your wedding. The different colors of flowers each evoke different feelings due to their unique meanings. Here are some of the symbolic meanings of flower colors.

The Meaning of Red Flowers

Red flowers are considered very passionate, symbolizing energy and love. It’s no surprise that red roses are a common gift for significant others. Red flowers remind people of their own animal instincts, as the color red is symbolic of the grounding root chakra. They are reminiscent of the blood running through people’s veins and the intensity of feelings.

The Meaning of Orange Flowers

Orange flowers are symbolic of warmth and growth, due to their similarity in hue to the sun. Orange colors give an adrenaline-fueled feeling, reminding people of the bright summer days and enjoyable times with loved ones. Orange-hued flowers are also reminiscent of community and friendship for this reason.

The Meaning of Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers have been long symbolized with sustenance, intellect, clarity and purity. Yellow flowers are often given to others to show appreciation, due to their association with honesty and wholesomeness.


The Meaning of Green Flowers

Green flowers are associated with the heart chakra which gives them an association with good health. Since green is nature’s favorite color, green flowers also are considered to symbolize growth, renewal, youth and hope.

The Meaning of Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are often associated with creativity and are often a lovely choice for artists, musicians and other creative types. Blue flowers also symbolize inspiration, making them a perfect gift to someone who could use a boost. Some other meanings of blue flowers include tranquility and calmness.

The Meaning of Indigo Flowers

Indigo flowers are a perfect treat for those who are always in a rush and never seem to sit still, as their hue is reminiscent of the bounty of indigo clouds that take over the sky before a storm and the greatest depths of the sea.

The Meaning of Violet Flowers

Violet flowers are associated with spirituality and vibrancy. Their hue is considered to be both energizing and sacred. Violet flowers remind people of their spiritual aspirations and to have a pure heart.

By Britt


Floral Maintenance: Part Two

What You Can Do To Keep Your Floral Arrangements Looking Lovely and Staying Healthy.


Most Floral Arrangements can last 4 ~ 7 days or longer, depending on the flowers used and the care they receive. For longer-lasting, more vibrant flowers, Wholesale Flowers and Supplies recommends the following:

Selecting Flowers

When selecting an arrangement; consider the event, color matching and how long the flowers need to last (choose hardier flowers and plants for a longer lasting display). Coordinate your needs with your supplier; ask questions to insure that you get the correct supplies.

For Floral Arrangements

  • Keep the vase filled (or floral foam soaked) with water containing a flower food (Aquaplus) provided by your florist. Flower foods make flowers last longer but it is important to follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet.
  • Most are to be mixed with either a pint or a quart of water. Flower Nutrients should not be diluted with more water than is specified on the package.
  • Replace water entirely every 2 to 3 days or if the water becomes cloudy. If possible, re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife. Be sure to use a clean sharp knife or pruning shears that will not crush the stems. Immediately place the stems back into water.
  • Keep flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. (Appliances like televisions give off heat, which causes flowers to dehydrate.) Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions.
  • To extend the life of your design, spray with Aquafinish. It allows you to design in advance without jeopardizing flower integrity or quality.