Dahlias: Behind the Beauty

Dahlias are timeless flowers that have been popular for centuries for their beauty and long history. A popular flower for wedding bouquets because of how many different types and colors are available. From the needle-like petals to the blossoms that starkly resemble a ball. Wholesale Flowers & Supplies is proud to carry many of these different varieties of Dahlia flowers. Let’s discuss some more about the meanings behind this beautiful flower and some fun facts about it.


Marigolds: Fall is on the way, can you smell it?

The Marigold is a desirable flower year round; however, the demand is much higher in the fall. The popularity increases because of Halloween and Day of the Dead ceremonies. Their yellow and orange colors mixed with a distinctive smell make them an admired fall flower. A year round positive of marigolds is their pest control properties. The pungent odor keeps small insects away, in fact many people plant marigolds in their gardens. Also known as Calendula’s, these flowers grow anywhere from 6 to 48 inches tall. Their blossoms expand anywhere between 6 to 36 inches in diameter. Native to South America, Mexico and parts of the southwestern United States.


Early Spring Flowers


Welcome in springtime the right way with freshly cut spring flowers! Flowers that grow and are popular in the spring are generally characterized by their vibrant pastel colors and bulb shaped blooms. They’re usually grouped together with other flowers of the same kind in arrangements to create an explosion of color and fragrance.


Asiatic Lilies: The Flower of Good Fortune

Asiatic ilies

For thousands of years, the beautiful Lily has been a symbol of life, creativity and good luck. They have been used in ancient mythology across the Mediterranean region and Asia. Asiatic Lilies in particular, are a relatively new addition to the Lilium genus. They’ve only been in cultivation for the last few hundred years, and have quickly become one of the most popular flowers on the market.


Hydrangea: The Flower of Understanding


Hydrangeas are one of the most commonly used and widely appreciated flowers in the world today. It’s delicate flowers and pom-pom or ball shape makes them a popular choice for all sorts of arrangements. They’re given as gifts as a sign of gratitude for the recipients understanding and devotion. Hydrangea’s are also known to be the official 4th anniversary flower.


Oriental Lilies: The Flower of Life

Oriental Lilies

Stretching as far back as 1580 B.C. the Lily has been a symbol of beauty and love. It’s been used in wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets all over the globe. In fact, its stunning appearance makes it the second most popular flower in world, just behind roses. Many countries actually prefer the Lily over roses and feel they better represent love. The ancient Greeks believed that the Lily was created from the milk of ‘Hera’, or the Queen of the Gods.


Roses: The Silent Messenger


With roses being this week’s special, we’d like to take the opportunity to share the meaning and significance behind their beautifully distinguished colors. For thousands of years, the rose has evoked feelings and emotions without ever needing to say a word. The Latin saying “sub rosa” translates to “under the rose”, which means that something was told in secret.


Sunflowers: the golden sun


Standing tall with its large round head and brilliant yellow color, the sunflower truly represents the golden sun. Sunflowers are known to symbolize loyalty, devotion and admiration because of their love and dedication to the sun. Also, they bring happiness to anyone’s day.  Its scientific name Helianthus literally translates to Helios- sun, Anthos- flower.