Succulents – The Modern House Plants

Did you know succulents can propagate (grow a new plant) from just a single leaf of an old plant? There are thousands of things to read online about succulents but today we want to focus on some interesting facts that are not so widely published or well known.

How many different kinds of succulents exist?

There are roughly 60 families and over 300 genera of succulent plants. The most common types of succulents are: Aeonium- one of the most popular varieties of succulent. Agave- used to make tequila. Aloe- used commonly for Aloe Vera, a treatment for sunburns and bug bites. Cactus- yes those prickly plants are succulents too! Echeveria- very common variety that is used for landscaping in warmer climates. Euphorbia- this also looks very similar to cactus and has many similar attributes. Ice plants- this colorful ground cover is invasive and will take over the soil it plants on. It is very common in San Diego!



Are you bad with keeping plants alive? Succulents are easy to maintain and do not take much time or energy at all! They will live through a drought, can grow in any kind of soil and don’t require any fertilizer. There is no way succulents can get infected as they are disease and pest resistant.

Another interesting fact is that they are fire resistant and fire retardant! This makes them a great choice for the landscaping surrounding your home.

Succulents are great plants for your bedroom for many reasons. Not only do they look great, but they actually produce oxygen all day and all night long. Succulent plants and Orchid plants both produce oxygen at night. Most other plants will only produce oxygen while they are receiving light. Plant them in any of your favorite dish gardens or terrariums and start breathing in the fresh oxygen tonight!




Air plants

Are you bored of the same old plants around your house? Are you bad at keeping things alive? The solution is here! Air Plants, also known as Tillandsias are very affordable, easy to take care of and there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Take the hassle out of maintaining your plants. These plants actually get all of the nutrients and water they need to survive from the air, hence their name. No soil is required. Instead, they attach themselves to trees, rocks, fences or other structures. Air plants do not rely on these hosts for survival; they only use them for a place to secure their roots.



An interesting fact about Air Plants is that they actually help to clean the air. There was a University study that showed that Tillandsias can clean the air around them and remove more of the airborne particles than any other plant on earth. This is also how they stay alive and get their nourishment. Native to Central & South America, Air Plants can also grow in tropical states such as California, Florida, Georgia and Texas.



Air Plants come in over 550 different varieties and each one is similar in the way they grow but so different among the different species. The plants will usually have a flower that blooms and has a vibrant violet color. Most Tillandsias require bright diffused sunlight or fluorescent lighting. Water them by misting them several times per week as well as a good soak every other week. Place the entire plant into a bucket or bowl of water for several minutes up to an hour. Bottled water and tap water work the best but do not use distilled water. Shake off excess water when putting the Air Plants back in their homes. With proper care, you will have great success with these easy to care for plants!



​Are you bored of the same old plants around your house? Are you bad at keeping things alive? The solution is here! Air Plants, also known as Tillandsias are very affordable, easy to take care of and there are plenty of different styles to choose from.


Dish Gardens

Currently, dish gardens are very popular and can be incorporated into all styles of home decor. Ranging in different sizes and containing many assorted plants, the dish garden possibilities are endless. For this blog we will be switching it up and we are not going to teach you step by step like we usually do. We want you to take the ideas you see from our photos and use your own creativity to make the dish gardens. The only way you can get better, is if you practice. We will give you some hints, but arranging the gardens is all up to you. Planters, sand, shells, airplants, rocks and other supplies can all be found on our website!

Here are a few tips to consider when creating your dish garden:

  • Try not to mix plants that need a lot of water with plants that don’t require much water. For example, overwatering orchids will kill them.
  • Make sure to research how much sunlight certain plants should have. Don’t mix sun happy plants with plants that don’t need sunlight.
  • Using faux succulents and flowers will look good too! Check them out here!
  • If you have any questions or need some more inspiration call us or come into our store and talk to one of our experienced floral designers.
  • Have fun creating!




​Currently, dish gardens are a very popular and can be incorporated into all styles of home decor. Ranging in different sizes and containing many assorted plants, the dish garden possibilities are endless.


Recycle your Christmas Centerpiece, Use it for New Years!

Don’t want to spend any extra money replacing your holiday centerpiece? Recycle the current pieces and use them to create a beautiful New Years Arrangement! Why waste money buying a completely new floral design? Do not throw away your old creations; just give them a makeover for the next holiday.



You will want to keep the basic structure of your arrangement and any of the pines/ greenery you have in it. Pinecones, rocks, branches or any other accents you have can be spray painted silver or gold. Glitter can also be added if you want to give it an extra sparkle. Any candles previously in your centerpiece should be removed for the New Years holiday.




To give the design an extra party feel, you can add small disco balls, shiny objects, glitter and anything else catching to the eye. To add height and texture to the design, branches such as curly willow, dogwood and ting ting can be used as accents. These will make the arrangement look larger and will give a broader spectrum of view.


Terrariums: Holiday Gift Idea

Need a creative Christmas gift idea? Terrariums are a great gift to give with a personal touch! They are easy to make and once you know how to make them, you will be addicted to creating different designs. There are hundreds of different ways to make a beautiful terrarium so it’s up to you to put your imagination to work and create something unique.



First thing you need to do is find a terrarium that you like. There are many different choices; it all just depends on personal preference. Once you have chosen the one you like, it is time to pick out the succulents, air plants, rocks, and all other accents you want to fill it with.





Step 1 is to fill the bottom of your terrarium with a base layer. This layer should consist of rocks, gravel, or sand. This is what will be used for drainage in your design. The base layer should be at least 1 inch of material evenly spread around the bottom.

Step 2 is to place potting soil or sand on top of your base layer. It is important that you have enough so that the roots of the plants will be surrounded and will not touch the base layer. You can play around with the soil to add depth or create different levels.

Step 3 is to add your plants! Imagine in your head how you want them to look and begin to dig holes in the soil to place them. Once they are in a place that you like, pack soil tightly around them and make sure they are securely in place.

The final step is to add your finishing touches. This is where your creativity really comes out. Accents such as large rocks, decorative moss, sticks, and shells are popular ways to spruce up your terrarium.




​Need a creative Christmas gift idea? Terrariums are a great gift to give with a personal touch! They are easy to make and once you know how to make them, you will be addicted to creating different designs.

Create a Flower Crown in a Few Easy Steps!

Whether you are a bride to be, a music festival goer,a fashion lover, or maybe you want to give a nice decorative crown for a little girls birthday. Flower crowns are becoming increasingly popular. They can be expensive to purchase from a florist. These crowns are relatively easy to make and don’t require too much time or supplies, so instead of paying someone to do it, do it yourself!



First, take your floral wire and wrap it around your head to establish the size you will need when creating your flower crown. Head bands can also be used to hold the greenery and flowers together. Once you have measured your head, take some greenery and leaves and wrap them around the base of the wire or hot glue them onto your head band. This will cover up any wire/ elastic that is showing and give a base layer to your crown. The greenery you use, should be Hold the greenery and leaves close to the wire of the crown and slowly start to wrap in floral tape.

Once the greenery is set up you can start getting creative and adding fresh or silk flowers. Attaching the flowers is just as easy as attaching the greenery. You will just want to tightly wrap using floral tape and wire to secure the flowers into place. You do not need to go all the way around with flowers. Also, you can use a hot glue gun to glue your flowers onto the elastic band. You can leave some of the crown just green for the back and create more of a statement in the front with the flowers. In order to cut the flowers and greenery, it might be a good idea to get a sharp pair of pruning shears.


Modern DIY Centerpiece

Are you looking to give your wedding a nice modern touch but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Are you having an event with dim lighting or outdoor event at night? Here is an idea for you, submerged calla lilies in a cylinder vase with cheap accents to spruce it up a bit. This is a great look and is very cost efficient. Calla lilies are beautiful flowers and they do well when submerged under water. The plastic diamond accent beads and the submergible light give the centerpiece some character and will also give off a nice lighting. It is a piece that shows beauty but is also simplistic and affordable. Not only is it cheaper to make it yourself, it is fun!!



Start by finding a cylinder vase that you like, remember that it should be tall enough to fully submerge your flowers in the water. After you find a vase, gather up some clear beads or glass, as well as a submergible light. Place the light at the bottom of the vase and surround it with glass/plastic clear beads. Use your small pin frog and attach some calla lilies to it. Drop the pin frog into the water and play with it to get the look and placement you want. Once you find the perfect spot for the calla lilies, put some more clear beads into the vase to cover up the pin frog and give it a clean look. Hiding the pin frog is essential for the most beautiful arrangement. This arrangement is very easy and can be done fast. If you are procrastinating on your wedding centerpieces and want something quick and easy, this is the one for you.


Ocean-Themed Tropical Centerpiece

Tropical flowers are some of the most noticeable flowers on earth. Whether you put them into a bouquet or you use them in your hair, they will catch you eye every time. They stick out and make any arrangement look sophisticated. Orchids and other tropical flowers are beautiful additions to any room or any event. They bring a warm presence with them and they will influence the moods of people. Tropical flowers are easy to work with, they are beautiful by themselves and filler flowers or accents are not needed.



Start by buying a large fishbowl vase and clean the inside of it thoroughly. Begin to place some seashells throughout the vase in the way that looks good from all angles. You will then place your fresh orchids or other tropical flowers into the fishbowl being cautious of where they are placed. You can place the orchids freely in the vase or you could use floral foam to help them stay solidly in one place. Next you can use moss, accent beads and other supplies to give the centerpiece some extra character. Make sure that you clean the outside of your vase when you are finished so that it looks clean and presentable. With some of your time, supplies, and fresh flowers you can create something just as beautiful as this!

How to Avoid DIY Flower Mistakes

When you make flower bouquets and arrangements without the help of a professional, there is a chance that they might end up different than originally planned. Don’t let this get you discouraged. You may think that it is a difficult and time consuming process to arrange flowers; but in this blog we will give you tips to make your creating process much easier.



  • Have enough people: Bouquets and Arrangements can sometimes be time consuming and get stressful if you don’t ask for help. You should try to find a friend that has some experience working with flowers. If you don’t know anyone, than you can ask a few friends to help you out. This will help you avoid common mistakes when creating and will speed up the process.
  • Do an inventory of the products/ flowers: You will have to figure out how many of each flower will be needed and all the supplies that go along with it. Once you figure out how much product you will be buying, then it is time to buy, count everything out, and get it organized. An organized inventory will make the creating process much easier.
  • Make sure the bouquets are solidly constructed: Using floral tape, oasis glue and oasis foam are crucial in keeping the bouquet or arrangement upright and intact. Make sure you wire-wrap fragile flowers like Gerbera Daisies.
  • Don’t let flowers get Ethylene poisoning: Placing flowers in your refrigerator at home can be deadly for the flowers. Fruits and other foods can poison the flowers and cause them to wilt. For best results, keep flowers out of the refrigerator. Instead, just put them in a cool dry place with fresh water.
  • Order flowers in time for them to open up: Flowers have particular times of blooming and you must plan ahead for this. Different flowers will open at various times. No flower will be exactly the same. If you are in the San Diego area, come in and ask us! If you are not close to us then just ask your local flower shop or florist.
  • Watch the temperature of your surroundings: Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and in the coolest place possible. Do not put them near fans or wind drafts because the flowers will wilt and dry up as a result. It is important to keep fresh water for the flowers, changing old water every day or every other day. Increase the life of your flowers by using AquaPlus flower food.
  • Organize a production line: When making centerpieces organize your helpers into a production line and give each person a certain task that they do on every centerpiece. Make sure everyone has a job that they can do well and won’t have problems with.



We hope these tips will help you out during your arrangement construction and your centerpieces or bouquets will look beautiful.



Do It Yourself Centerpiece – Beauty with a Small Price Tag

When designing your own centerpieces for your wedding, you want them to be as beautiful as possible. Finding a design that is simple and affordable but also looks nice is very important. There are hundreds of different ways to make a beautiful centerpiece. Today we will be giving you tips on how to make this gorgeous rose petal centerpiece. If you are in the San Diego area, feel free to stop in and grab your flowers and supplies. 5305 Metro Street. San Diego, CA 92110. If you are not local, please visit us online at . Hyperlinks are provided throughout the blog for fast access to the items described.




Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you are ready to put everything together. You will want to try to buy your flowers or flower petals a few days before your event. This will provide the freshest flowers and give them time to open if they haven’t yet. You do not specifically need to use roses for this arrangement; in fact any flower will look nice.

First, take your centerpiece mirror and position it where you want the focal point of the table to be. Next, place the cylinder vase in the middle of the mirror and the votive holders with candles all around the vase. After the vase, votive holders and candles are in place; pour some glass beads into the cylinder vase. Attach a rose to something heavy (eg. Rock) using string in order to create the floating rose. Top off the vase with a floating candle, sprinkle some rose petals over everything and light the candles. This will be a fun process for you and your friends to make the centerpieces. You can feel proud that you made them yourself, you will save money and you will most likely enjoy creating them.