How to: Corsage for a Wedding or Prom (Video)

corsage how to

Making a personalized corsage is just a few easy steps away. With the help of our in-house designer Brock, you can master your craft of making stunning corsages for your friends and family. We lay out the flowers and supplies you need and step by step show you how to construct a corsage from beginning to end. Check out our other Howto videos for more floral ideas and suggestions.


How to: Tying a Florists Bow (video)

florist bow how to

Have you ever wanted to tie you own bow but not sure how? With our help in this simple howto video you will be tying your own bows in no time. A pair of scissors, floral wire, a spool of ribbon and a few moments of time is all you need. The bow made in this video is also featured in our Howto Corsage video showing you how to tie in the bow you just made into an elegant wrist corsage for a wedding or prom.