7" Glass Cube Vase

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Clear Glass Cube Vase

Height: 7"
Width: 7"
Length: 7"
Depth: 6" - 6½"

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Create a beautifully full arrangement with the help of our 7" Glass Cube Vase! The Vase is 7" in height, width, and length. There is 1" of solid glass at the bottom of the vase that lends itself the the Cube's ultimately modern style. To build a great floral design, decide whether or not you need floral foam. If you would like to keep a smaller amount or taller flowers in place, we recommend you use the foam and the wrap the outside of the foam with a Ti or Aspidestra Leaf so it cannot be seen from the exterior. If you decide against the foam, arrange enough full flowers in place to keep them upright. Assist your flowers with Marble Stones or Rocks for a stunning and functional accent. The Glass Cube Vase is a versatile playground for your inner florist.

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