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Welcome to one of the most important sections of our website! Floral supplies are an important part of many arrangements that require items such as Aquafoam and floral stem wire. Bouquets would be much harder to make and would likely take longer without help from floral tape and floral pins. Wholesale Flowers is proud to offer our florist supplies at every day low bulk prices, available to everyone. You can buy in bulk or just single pieces, either way, you will save. 

Some of our wholesale floral supplies include Aquafoam, flower boxes, cellophane, flower sleeves, floral wire, saucers, liners, tape and glue. Use a roll of cellophane to line the inside of your galvanized bucket to make sure that it doesn’t leak. Make sure to grab a few rolls of Floratape stemwrap if you plan on making a bridal bouquet.

Recommended Products: Floral Supplies

  • Hold your finished bouquets in our Large Bouquet Boxes, and keep them from getting damaged. 
  • Want to keep water out of your vase and in your planting soil? A 4" Liner is the answer for you.
  • Purchase a roll of Sticky Clay for those times when you really need some adhesion between 2 surfaces. 
  • Keep your flowers in place and hydrated using a brick of Aquafoam.
  • Are your gerbera daisies wilting fast? Try wrapping the stems with some Floral Stem Wire that will provide extra support. 

If you must buy supplies, why not shop with us and find all your favorite floral supplies at discount prices. The quality of supplies should not be tarnished just to save money. We offer the highest quality flower shop supplies without the absurd prices. Remember us the next time you run out of glue sticks or need a new glue gun. Buy these florist supplies online in bulk to save on shipping cost!

Our wholesale florist supplies are available to the public and the best part is that everyone gets the same deals. Once you have gathered up everything you want, go ahead and open the shopping cart page. Here you will see a list of desired items as well as a box containing a shipping calculator. Use this calculator to find an estimate on what you will pay for shipping. It uses the weight and dimensions of the products to calculate cost.

After you’re done shopping for cheap floral supplies, look through our extensive catalog of products. Other than our extensive selection of floral supplies, we also have hundreds of different vases in a variety of materials. With glass, plastic, wood and metal containers available, it would be hard not to find something that will work out for you.

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