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Are your gerbera daisies drooping after only a few days of being displayed in your floral arrangements? Pull up google and search how to wrap a gerbera daisy using floral wire. If you’re wondering where to buy floral wire, you have come to the right place. We have stem wire, paddle wire, corsage stems, aluminum craft wire and barked wire.

Flower wire is an important addition to many floral arrangements with most of its work being done behind the scenes. Every floral designer most likely has several kinds of florist wire in their toolbox. It is important to know what wire works best in each situation and what will give you the best-looking final product.

Recommended Products: Floral Wire

  • Use some Aluminum Deco wire to add a few colorful accents to that orchid you just planted.
  • A roll of barked wire would be an awesome addition to your floral centerpiece that was built into a birch log container.
  • Once you create a lovely bouquet for a friend, consider tying some jute rope around it for an extra special touch.
  • Gerbera daisies and other flowers with fragile stems love to be supported by our 22 gauge floral stem wire.

Our wholesale floral stem wire is of the highest quality and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Great for supporting top heavy flowers that may otherwise sag and wilt without help standing. Grab a box of corsage stems for a simple way to create beautiful corsages in no time. Consider our white or green clothed wire for projects where the wire may be exposed and visible to your guests or customers. Aluminum deco wire and chenille floral stems make great additions to a children’s craft projects.

Wondering when this amazing floral wire might be delivered? Most west coast orders are received within 2-3 days while east coast orders take around 4-5 days to be delivered. The overall cost of shipping is dependent on the weight and size of all your desired items. When ready to checkout, open your shopping cart and enter your zip code into the shipping calculator.  

Wholesale Flowers is happy to offer our Floral wire, as well as our entire catalog of products at wholesale bulk prices. This savings is not dependent on the number of products you are ordering. Remember us the next time you need to stock up on your floral supplies and accessories.

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