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Flower Maintenance

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Many people buy flowers and expect that there will be no work to make them look beautiful. This is not true but there are ways to make the process easier. Flower Maintenance is important to learn and having the right products can make a big difference.

Wholesale Flowers & Supplies is happy to help you keep your floral arrangements and fresh cut flowers looking vibrant and beautiful longer with our flower maintenance supplies. Our supplies will help extend the life of your flowers so that their beauty can be admired for longer than expected.

Recommended Products: Flower Maintenance

  • Use HydraQuik, a 2 second treatment that efficiently helps clear any blockage in stems allowing water to reach the head of the flower.
  • Are your flowers wilting or turning yellow? Try AquaPlus, a water clarifier and flower nutrient that keeps foliage healthy.
  • If you’re looking for a new flower glue, give Oasis Floral Adhesive a try. Waterproof, fast drying and will not mark or brown petals.

Use these products on any fresh flowers or greenery for an undeniably different results as far as the longevity of your flowers. Create beautiful bridal bouquets with our oasis floral adhesive, which does not hurt the flowers or leave marks. Make your dining room table centerpiece last a few extra days by adding a small amount of AquaPlus powder.

Some of these liquids and powders are quite heavy and may cause shipping prices to be higher than expected. Once your items are in your shopping cart, click on your shopping cart and locate our shipping calculator. Enter your zip code into the calculator and a list of different shipping options and costs will become visible.

With our wholesale discounted prices, we can offer these floral maintenance supplies at a considerable savings. These prices will be lower than your local florists or garden centers. Stock up on these products for all your DIY projects!

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