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Plastic Floral Liners & Saucers

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Are you worried about water leaking from your plants onto your table? Or maybe you’re worried some soil may spill onto your favorite table runner? Don’t worry anymore, we have a solution for you. Grab a couple floral liners to line your pot or possibly a plastic saucer for a smaller job. This will prevent water damage to any of your amazing home décor items or a vase that may not be water tight.

Wholesale Flowers has a variety of different sized plastic vase liners and plastic plant saucers. Both the liners and saucers come in 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes. This makes it easy to figure out the exact size that you need to protect yourself from any spills or leaks. Keep in mind that each liner and saucer are measured by their opening diameter and not their base! These long-lasting floral vase liners will keep your plant soil moist and your table cloths dry.

Recommended Products: Liners & Saucers

  • For oversized pots and containers, consider the 10 inch liner, our largest size.
  • Need a small saucer for under your orchid pot? The 4 inch saucer is a great fit for the job.
  • If your job requires stronger plastic, a clear Designer Tray will work nicely for you.
  • Our 10 inch saucer would make a great paint tray for your next craft project.

We have a large selection of clear plastic floral liners that are sure to help you keep your arrangements mess free and low maintenance. Please be aware that these liners are quite thin and could be easily punctured. Use these plastic floral liners as a wash basin for paint brushes. There are hundreds of ways to use them, discover which is the most useful for you!

Many online shops claim to offer great prices, but those prices are only available when buying in bulk. Our wholesale pricing is available on all our plastic saucers and liners. Our prices are not based on the amount of product you order, in fact, all orders receive the same savings. Worried about how much shipping is going to cost? Consult our shipping calculator on our shopping cart page for a list of freight options.

Now that you found our plastic liners for floral arrangements, now it’s time to look for the perfect vase. Want something natural? Check out our amazing baskets and wood containers. We have plenty of Glass Vases if you don’t find something abstract and end up going with a traditional look.  

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