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Distressed Clay Flower Pots

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Distressed Clay has very similar properties to Ceramic but comes with more of a natural look. Clay has a weathered look versus the smooth and clean-cut appearance of ceramic. We carry many shapes and sizes of clay products, all at the lowest prices possible. Create something beautiful for your home office or make someone’s day with a gorgeous present.

These pots are fabricated with molded clay and the design possibilities are endless. They come in a few main colors: terra-cotta, off-white, brownish green, and greyish tan. Many designs are scored or ornamented with garlands, flowers, and other designs.

Recommended Products: Distressed Clay

Use these distressed clay vases for fresh flower arrangements or as planters. For floral arrangements, we recommend that you use AquaFoam to hold your flowers in place and hydrate them. The clay used to make these vases is heavy and stable, making it appropriate for indoor/ outdoor use. These vases are almost always sealed but it is never a bad idea to line them with cellophane to avoid leaks.

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If you don’t find what you are looking for in this section of the website, please browse the rest of the site. We have thousands of quality products at wholesale prices available nationwide. Find some Airplants, moss or decorative accents for your new planter!

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