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Do you need a silver vase or container for your next event/ party? We have you covered with a large selection of silver vases. With many affordable options to choose from, your creative power should not be compromised by high prices.

We are happy to have such a large selection of vases for our customers. Our silver containers are available in many types including fruit bowls, trumpet vases, mint julep cups, cube vases and urns. A few products are not completely silver and do have other attributes to them. These qualities include glass and ceramic.

Recommended Products: Silver Containers

This category of vases would be great for a high school graduation or a wedding anniversary party. We do advise our customers that metal containers are not always watertight. Make sure you have some cellophane or a plastic liner so that you don’t have any leakage. There are also some sealant options available at most local hardware stores.

Worried that shipping costs may be more than you expected? Make sure to take advantage of our shipping calculator and take the guessing game totally out of the question. Once you have all your desired items in your shopping cart press checkout. You will then type your zip code and receive your shipping estimate.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here make sure to check out the Centerpiece Containers and the Galvanized Containers sections. If you don’t like the look of metal, we have glass, wood and plastic options to choose from as well.

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