Airplants: The plant that doesn’t need soil!

Are you bored of the same old plants around your house? Are you bad at keeping things alive? Wholesale Flowers & Supplies has the solution! Airplants, also known as Tillandsias are very affordable, easy to take care of and there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Take the hassle out of maintaining your plants.

These plants actually get all of the nutrients and water they need to survive from the air, hence their name. No soil is required. Instead, they attach themselves to trees, rocks, fences or other structures. Airplants do not rely on these hosts for survival; they only use them for a place to secure their roots.


An interesting fact about Airplants is that they actually help to clean the air. There was a University study that showed that Tillandsias can clean the air around them and remove more of the airborne particles than any other plant on earth. This is also how they stay alive and get their nourishment. Native to Central & South America, Airplants can also grow in tropical states such as California, Florida, Georgia and Texas.


Airplants come in over 550 different varieties and each one is similar in the way they grow but so different among the different species. The plants will usually have a flower that blooms and has a vibrant violet color. Most Tillandsias require bright diffused sunlight or fluorescent lighting. Water them by misting them several times per week as well as a good soak every other week. Place the entire plant into a bucket or bowl of water for several minutes up to an hour. Bottled water and tap water work the best but do not use distilled water. Shake off excess water when putting the Airplants back in their homes. With proper care, you will have great success with these easy to care for plants!



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