Roses: The Silent Messenger

With roses being this week’s special, we’d like to take the opportunity to share the meaning and significance behind their beautifully distinguished colors. For thousands of years, the rose has evoked feelings and emotions without ever needing to say a word. The Latin saying “sub rosa” translates to “under the rose”, which means that something was told in secret.

They’re the most popular flower in history, making the rose a timeless expression of admiration and respect. Cultures all over the world have used the varying colors of the rose to convey different messages. They’ve been used for political significance, religious meaning, and social expressions of gratitude.

Throughout history, the different colors of roses have carried with them a whole new depth to the elegantly fragrant flower. We’ve put together a guide on the color significance of roses to help you convey the right message.


RED– Traditionally red roses are a symbol of love and enduring passion. Some even call them the “lover’s rose.” The classical red rose also conveys respect, courage, and the creative spirit of love; making it the most gifted and admired color.

WHITE– Often referred to as the “bridal rose”, white roses represent humility, purity, innocence, and young love. By symbolizing truth and reverence, it expresses loyalty to your loved ones or friends.

YELLOW– During the Victorian era, yellow roses were actually a symbol of jealousy. Today, we associate yellow roses with friendship, joy, and caring for others. It’s a color that evokes warmth and undeniable happiness.

ORANGE– With its warm and vibrant tone, an orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm and desire. They carry an underlying message of admiration and passion. A bouquet of orange roses sends a powerful and meaningful message.

PURPLE– Traditionally associated with royalty, the lavender rose suggests majesty and splendor. The purple flower is used display love at first sight. Historically, the purple rose has been used to distinguish oneself from the rest.

PINK– Pink roses are generally a gentile and feminine flower given as a gift or sign of love. Dark pink express gratitude and appreciation, while light pink roses represent grace, gentleness, and happiness. Like the red rose, pink roses symbolize admiration, but in a softer, more familiar tone.

GREEN– The color that represents life, abundant growth, and energy is that of the green rose. It’s often said that the green rose can invoke a sense of balance, peace, and stability to the human mind. The green rose will effortlessly lift spirits with its earthy tone.

Any selection of roses will make a wonderful statement. The rose is the most distinguished and likeable flower known to man. It’ stood the test of time as a classically admirable flower in both the floral industry and homes alike.


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  1. Beautiful this was very informative and interesting…I’ll share this with others. I’m doing a wedding this week so perfect timing .
    Thank you

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