Ceramic & Clay Containers

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  1. Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases 6" tall
    As low as $6.10
  2. Gold and Silver Single Candlestick Metal Candle holders 18" Tall
    As low as $12.75
  3. Gold and Silver Square Ceramic Vases 6"
    As low as $8.25
  4. Matte Ceramic Cube Vase in White and Black 3"
    As low as $2.60
  5. Matte Ceramic Cube in White and Black 5.2"
    As low as $4.99
  6. Cylinder Ceramic Vase 5"
    As low as $3.99
  7. Gold and Silver Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases, Dish Garden
    As low as $12.99
  8. Silver and Rose Gold (pink) Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases
    As low as $13.25
  9. Ice Cream Cone Ceramic Vases Pink, White and Yellow
    As low as $4.85

Items 31-60 of 162

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Need a container but don’t want to use glass? The ceramic and clay container categories are great places to look. There are endless possibilities when you are working with ceramic and clay. We offer a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and designs for you to choose from.

Wholesale Flowers & Supplies carries urns, bowls, planters, and many other pot variations in our ceramic & clay category. These items come in etched, hand scored, ridged, gold/silver and jeweled accent styles. We have many novelty ceramics such as sport themed, wild animals and other fun things. These novelty ceramics are great for a sports themed party, a baby shower or even some wedding ceremonies.

Recommended Products: Ceramic and Clay Containers

Ceramic and Clay pots are great for use with plants such as airplants and succulents. Fresh flowers will also work but you must use Floral Foam to get them to stay in place. When deciding what kinds of containers you want for your project, you must first choose what you plan on putting inside of them to get to your ultimate goal.

These Clay/ Ceramic containers are quite heavy, so it is important that you investigate the shipping costs before you order. There is a shipping calculator on the checkout page that is very easy to use. Simply place the products you want in your shopping cart and type in your zip code. It will then give you your estimated shipping cost!

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the best possible products at a fraction of the price they would pay elsewhere. Our team of staff is committed to making everything about the ordering process fast and easy. Make sure to check out our Supplies & Accessories category for all of your floral supply needs.