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  1. Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases 6" tall
    As low as $6.10
  2. Gold and Silver Single Candlestick Metal Candle holders 18" Tall
    As low as $12.75
  3. Gold and Silver Square Ceramic Vases 6"
    As low as $8.25
  4. Matte Ceramic Cube Vase in White and Black 3"
    As low as $2.60
  5. Matte Ceramic Cube in White and Black 5.2"
    As low as $4.99
  6. Cylinder Ceramic Vase 5"
    As low as $3.99
  7. Gold and Silver Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases, Dish Garden
    As low as $12.99
  8. Silver and Rose Gold (pink) Etched Ceramic Cylinder Vases
    As low as $13.25
  9. Ice Cream Cone Ceramic Vases Pink, White and Yellow
    As low as $4.85

Items 31-60 of 132

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Ceramic vases are a popular and cost-effective way to provide style and function to your centerpieces or tabletop arrangements. Wholesale Flowers & Supplies carries a vast selection of ceramic containers in an array of different designs. Whether you need something plain & simple or you need something very specific, we have you covered.

We are proud to carry a large selection of ceramic. It is important to us that our customers find exactly what they are looking for and they don’t give up on their vision. These vases include but are not limited to: animals, sports, ice cream, planters, chipped pots, smiley faces, and many other varieties. Some of the most popular colors include white, black, gold, silver, green and purple. There is an abundance of styles and sizes to choose from so make sure you look through them all!

Recommended Products: Ceramic Vases

There are no rules on when a ceramic vase can or should be used instead of glass. It is all dependent on what you as the customer want to see when your creation is completed. Many people prefer ceramic as it is easier to keep clean and doesn’t show as many flaws. These vases can also be reused multiple times with little wear and tear.

Our discounted bulk pricing allows us to give you the best products available at a fraction of the cost you would pay at other retailers. We will work with your budget and help make your event or party unforgettable. Worried about shipping cost? Gather up everything you are interested in into your shopping cart. Within the shopping cart webpage, you will find a shipping calculator which will give you an estimated cost for everything in your shopping cart.

Don’t forget to add Decorative Accents to your vases and fresh flowers. Our website has an incredible number of unique products so be sure to shop around! We have an amazing selection of Glass and Plastic Vases if ceramic doesn’t work for you.