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Terrariums and Dish Gardens are becoming some of the most popular ways to decorate wedding celebrations. Terrariums with succulents/ airplants tend to last longer than fresh flower bouquets and centerpieces, therefore many wedding party planners are making the switch. Not only do they have an extended lifespan, but they are also commonly given out as wedding gifts after the celebration to the guests who attended.

We are proud to carry an extensive number of different terrariums and dish gardens for you to choose from. We carry many hanging terrariums as well as a variety of different free-standing options. We have globes, teardrops, apples, pears, cubes, hexagons, triangular prisms, cylinder and rectangular options to choose from. Whether you need a large, small, tall, short or obscure shape; we have you covered!

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The hardest part of making a terrarium is figuring out what to put inside of it! At Wholesale Flowers & Supplies, we have an extensive selection of Decorative Accents to make your terrarium stand out from the rest. We have rocks, sand, colorful beads, pieces of wood and many other great items. We also sell Airplants online for you to use in your terrariums.

Being that we are constantly getting new inventory, we suggest that you check back with us periodically to catch up with what’s new. Please note that many of these terrariums are made from hand blown glass and may not all be the same. Airplants are shipped after being watered but it is important you take them out ASAP to prevent damage.

We hope that you enjoy making your custom terrariums and share your love for them with friends and family. Our website is full of different products that can be used in harmony to create something meaningful for you or an amazing gift from someone close to you. Get your creative juices flowing and attempt to make a terrarium today!

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