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  1. Manzanita Centerpiece Tree in White, Brown and Metallic Silver
    As low as $49.55
  2. Party Lei
    As low as $1.25
  3. Silk Gerbera Daisy Flower Assorted Colors 19"
    As low as $1.15
  4. Silk Peonies Assorted Colors
    As low as $3.50
  5. 6" Peony Flower Balls Different Colors
    As low as $4.99
  6. Rose Flower Kissing Balls
    As low as $5.99
  7. Small Silk Hydrangea Different Colors
    As low as $2.70
  8. Silk Rose Petals, Assorted Colors Bag
    As low as $1.99

Items 31-60 of 137

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Are you sick of replacing fresh flowers every single week? Try some of our synthetic flowers and synthetic succulents. These faux flowers and plants have become very popular in the floral industry and among crafty people everywhere.

Wholesale Flowers & Supplies stocks a large assortment of realistic looking synthetic and silk flowers in various styles and colors. We carry gerbera daisy, rose, hydrangea and peony kissing balls and bouquets. We also have a large collection of synthetic succulents that include echeveria, agave, cactus, aloe and other stemmed faux succulent plants. There are silk leis and solid color party leis. Our faux phalaenopsis orchid stems are another cheap and realistic looking option.

Recommended Products: Synthetic Flowers

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday party, Hawaiian luau, backyard BBQ or corporate meeting; we can supply you with quality synthetic flowers and plants at a fraction of our competitor’s prices.

Our shipping department is here 5 days a week and most orders are processed the same day or the next day. Shipping times do vary so please visit our shipping informational page on the top left of our website. Our shipping prices are based on the weight and size of the items you are ordering. Please use the shipping calculator on the checkout page for an estimated shipping cost.

Let Wholesale Flowers & Supplies help you solve your floral problems with our wide range of products. Don’t shop at 10 different stores, save some time and find everything you need in one place. Find all your Fresh Cut Flowers and buy some Glass Vases to go along with your artificial plants and flowers. Everything you need is one click away!