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Dried Branches, Sticks, Dried Exotics

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Looking for something to give your floral arrangement a bit more character? Wholesale Flowers and Supplies carries a selection of dried branches, dried sticks, dried twigs, dried exotics and manzanita branches to accessorize your floral arrangements. These decorative branches add a touch of texture and color to give simple floral arrangements more life. Let the creativity flow on your next arrangement and have your guests wondering where you got such beautiful accents.

In order to give your arrangement some more height or a new texture, consider adding some wholesale branches. Branches make it easy to hang other decorative accents from the arrangement and can be painted any color you choose. Does your new years centerpiece need a little bit of glitter? Consider adding some sparkling ting branches.  

Recommended Products: Dried Branches

  • When brainstorming tabletop arrangements for your wedding, consider our Manzanita Centerpiece in white, brown or silver.
  • Give your valentines day centerpiece some bling using Sparkle Ting in Red, and watch the heads turn.
  • A wintertime bouquet would look beautiful with a few sprigs of Sparkle ting in Silver.
  • A bunch of Sparkle ting in Gold would look fabulous scattered about the 50th birthday you are hosting.

Our wholesale, discounted pricing allows you to shop for all your floral needs in one place. Don’t waste your time and money looking elsewhere. You can find our low-cost products online or at our San Diego warehouse. Our dried branches for flower arrangements are an easy way to add texture or a pop of color to your next creation. Create an entire tabletop arrangement around our Manzanita Centerpiece, available in white, brown or silver.

Are you in a time crunch to receive your beautiful wholesale dried branches? Make sure to click our shipping tab on the top left of the website to inquire about shipping times and methods. Once you figure out what products you want to order, open your shopping cart. Here you will find a shipping calculator that will give you a list of shipping options and their respective prices. If the prices you see seem too high, give us a call. We would be happy to chat with you regarding your order.

Now that you have your dried branches, make sure to browse our selection of Glass Vases. If glass is not for you, we have metal, plastic or wood containers that are equally as beautiful. Our wholesale pricing is available to everyone, with no minimum order requirements. Shop today and save!

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