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Tired of overpaying for your floral tools? Make Wholesale Flowers & Supplies your one stop shop for all your floral needs! We carry a wide selection of quality products at prices that no one else can compete with.

We have a great selection of tools including pin frogs, thorn strippers, glue guns & sticks, pruning shears, and floral knives. Use the pin frogs to hold your flowers down to the base of a vase after cutting them with an amazing pair of our pruning shears. Add decorative accents to your terrarium using a hot glue gun for a precise and clean look.

Recommended Products: Floral Tools

  • Our customers all deserve the Deluxe Pruning Shears to cut their flowers with no effort at all.
  • Our Flexible Flower Stripper is great for removing the thorns on your next bunch of roses.
  • Purchase a 1.25” Pin Frog to hold your calla lilies down to the bottom of your vase for a floating flower effect.
  • Create a dish garden using faux succulents and hold it together with a Low Temp Glue Gun at an affordable price.

Every DIY project requires some tools to make the process of creating easier. Our customers deserve to find all of these tools at the cheapest price possible without giving up any of the quality of the products. Take advantage of these tools when preparing a wedding reception or cutting fresh flowers to place on your kitchen table.

Our wholesale, discounted pricing makes it easier for you to keep your wallet happy. Our shipping calculator on the shopping cart page is a great tool to roughly estimate how much you are going to pay for shipping. This shipping cost is based on the weight and size of the products in your shopping cart.

While you are gathering up the tools you need, make sure to look through our online catalog of products. These affordable products consist of Glass Vases, Plastic Vases, Wood and Metal containers and of course all the decorative accessories.

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