24" x 4" Glass Cylinder Vase

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Clear Glass Cylinder Vase

Height: 24"
Width: 4"

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Showcase long-stemmed flowers in the towering Glass Cylinder Vase. It's 4" wide and 24" tall, making it one of the tallest Cylinder Vase in our catalog. The contemporary, yet simple vase is commonly seen holding Gladiolus, Snapdragons, Delphinium, and Lilies. If your vase is going to hold lofty or hanging flowers, you may need to lower the center of gravity with Marble Rocks or Stones. They will also look great as a feature in a aquatic design that includes Calla Lilies, Lily Grass, Acrylic Gems, and Submersible or Floating LED Lights. The Glass Cylinder Vase is a classic and stylish option to hold your flowers for any occasion.

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