3" Square Glass Cube Vase

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Square Glass Cube Vase

Height: 3"
Depth 2½"
Width: 3"
Length: 3"


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The 3" Square Cube Vase is the smallest Cube Vase in our catalog, but it's among the most versatile. The vase is 3" on every side making it a wonderfully modern and abstract piece. The 3" Cube is commonly incorporated with the larger Cube Vases to create a contemporary wedding or party arrangement. Line the Cube Vases up by size or arrange them randomly for a stunning centerpiece. The 3" Cube is also great for a Votive Candle or Tea Light, and can be used to hold an array of Succulents or Decorative Accents like Colored Gems, Beads, Stones, or Small Rocks. Our wholesale pricing makes it easy to achieve a stylish, high-quality design without breaking your budget.

See below in "Related Products" for the our 4", 5", and 6" Glass Cube Vase options. Combine them all for a state-of-the-art design.

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