Pumpkins & Flowers: Fall Decoration Inspiration

Are you struggling to find unique fall decoration ideas? Here are a few easy and cheap ways to create something truly unique for your autumn decorating. Feel free to expand on these ideas however you feel fit!

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With Fall just around the corner, we have set up the front entrance of our store with autumn and Halloween merchandise. We have many different artificial pumpkins in a variety of textures and sizes. As well as a giant selection of other spooky and festive items at unbeatable prices.
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Pumpkins in your arrangements are a great way to show your love for Fall. Add some small pumpkins to accent your centerpiece. Place a candle or two in the middle of your centerpiece for a traditional Thanksgiving look.

You don’t need a centerpiece to show off your gorgeous real and artificial pumpkins. Use a variety of different shaped pumpkins in contrasting colors for your home d├ęcor.

Front enterance

Pumpkin Vase

Find a vase that is smaller than the pumpkin you plan to use as a vase. Next, cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin that is large enough to fit your vase. Hollow out the inside of the pumpkin so that you can insert your vase. Once level, start designing your arrangement around your new vase. Use fresh flowers or plant a garden of succulents.



Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular fall flowers because of the different shapes, sizes and colors that are available. These flowers normally bloom from spring until the first snowfall. The color varieties include bronze, yellow, orange, red, white, gold, lavender and pink. Red Rovers are one of the most popular mums, not just because of it’s tie to the childhood game.


When talking about warm autumn blooms, one flower comes to mind. Celosia flowers grow in incredible colors and will possess an attraction to the other flowers around them. Their flame-like appearance is sure to draw attention to your centerpiece. Coxcomb has a similar look, but it has round wavy blooms instead of vertical.


Tinted Eucalyptus

During the fall months, eucalyptus is available with tinted spray-on colors. Although it is quite messy, many customers love to use this tinted eucalyptus for its intense color and decoration properties. The most popular colors of tinted eucalyptus include burgundy, gold, silver and orange.


Give that scarecrow or wicked witch on your front patio some extra flair with some Corn-broom. No longer used for making brooms, this flower has many uses as a stunning ornamental. We receive it dried so that our customers can use it in wreaths and other beautiful fall arrangements.

Cotinus (smokebush)

Bicolor ovular leaves that feature a light green color on one side and a dark purple color on the opposite side. These contrasting colors on each side of these leaves are what makes this greenery so popular.



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