Square Glass Low-Dish Garden 4x10x10

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Square Glass Low-Dish Garden

Height: 4"
Width: 10"
Length: 10"

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Conceive a wide variety of arrangements with the help of the Square Glass Low-Dish Garden. It can be used as a terrarium with the addition of Airplants, Succulents, and decorative accents like Rocks or Sand for a stylish desert scape. To arrange a beautiful floral design, you are going to want to use two blocks of floral foam or marble stones to keep your flowers in place. Disguise the foam with the help of True-Life Ribbon (item #GFS001) so that your arrangement will look natural. The vase stand 4" high and has 10" sides, leaving you plenty of room to make the DIY project of your dreams. The modern craftsmanship of the Square Dish Garden makes it the ideal vase for a formal engagement, informal gathering, and even your home decor.

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